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David-R.-Skinner-2Dave Skinner has had a colorful life in theater and television, and as a trial lawyer for more than four decades. Along the way, he became an instrument-rated small plane pilot and has flown throughout the United States, and a sailor who has navigated the Great Lakes waters from his home on Saginaw Bay.

Skinner grew up south of Indianapolis, and upon graduation from high school entered Indiana University (1953), with his eyes set upon the newly developing television industry. During college, he worked for WXYZ-TV in Detroit and WISH-TV in Indianapolis. He was employed as a radio and television newscaster in Saginaw (WKNX) and Flint (WJRT-TV), Mich., and at WTAR Radio and Television in Norfolk, Va. The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation in Flint hired Skinner in 1961 for public relations and as an administrative assistant at Flint Community College (now Mott Community College).

Before pursuing his legal education, Skinner and his wife toured throughout Europe for three months. He returned to Ann Arbor to enter University of Michigan Law School in 1963, with plans to work in communications law. Upon graduation from law school and for various reasons (including being “bitten by the sailing bug”), Skinner declined offers in communications law in Washington, D.C., and his family instead moved to Bay City to work for the law firm of Butterfield and Penzien. Skinner was sworn in as a lawyer in January 1967.

His career has been rich and varied, handling a wide variety of cases with an emphasis on being a trial attorney. He has had success in a number of cases with outstanding results. Skinner has been qualified as an expert defense witness in two legal malpractice suits, and he has lectured before trial practice groups and civic clubs in Michigan.

Skinner is proud of his American heritage, being descended from Ezra Skinner, who fought the British at Concord in 1775. The Skinner family immigrated to the Massachusetts Colony from Chichester, Sussex, England, in 1749, settling in Malden, Mass., and later Mansfield, Mass.

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